Most of the agricultural machinery used are: deep groove ball bearings, outer spherical bearings, tapered roller bearings, etc.

There are two main aspects to the selection of bearings: One is to choose the type of bearing. Roughly, the magnitude of the load, the direction, and whether there is an impact should be considered? Factors such as speed level, self-aligning requirements, and allowable space. 

There are many types of agricultural machinery. The general situation is that the working conditions are poor, and the field work is particularly bad. Therefore, the choice of bearing type is very important, which directly affects the reliability index of the working machinery. In terms of accuracy, it does not need to be as demanding as precision machinery, which is determined by the nature of agricultural machinery.

 The second is to choose the accuracy of the bearing. Generally, the mechanical type and mechanical accuracy requirements should be considered.

Bearings are used in many parts of tractors, such as gearboxes, chassis and engines, and most bearings are used in muddy water and heavy load conditions. In addition, in Europe and the United States, due to the use of large areas of arable land, machines have become larger and larger, and the conditions for using bearings have become more and more stringent. In this case, customers require bearings with high reliability and cost-effectiveness. With the development of foreign agriculture, these developed bearings are slowly being introduced in my country to change the status quo of our rural areas. There are also many places in our country that are food producing areas. It is basically a tiger to have these machinery.

Bearings commonly used in agricultural machinery are: single row deep groove ball bearings are the most representative of rolling bearings and can be widely used.

It is a bearing with excellent performance, long life, wear resistance and seizure resistance even under foreign body lubrication conditions, and it is also economical.

The Long Life Sealed Clean Deep Groove Ball Bearing TM series is a bearing that uses a special seal with a sealing lip structure that allows lubricating oil to flow while preventing the entry of foreign objects.

Thrust ball bearings are designed to withstand thrust loads at high speeds and consist of washer-type bearing washers with raceways in which the balls roll. EP steel (long life, high reliability bearing steel)