Dental drill bearings, also known as high-speed turbo dental drill handpiece bearings. The implication is that it is used for the bearing on the dentist's mobile phone. The working principle of the dental drill bearing produced by DKB is that the turbine, the bearing and the shaft have an interference fit and are driven by compressed air to rotate at a high speed as a whole, driving the spring chuck and drill bit installed in the shaft hole to work. 

Classification of dental drill bearings

 1. Ordinary type, the main models are: SR144TL; SR144TLZ; SR144TLZ1..

2. With thrust side, the main models are: SFR144TL; SFR144TZ; SFR144TLZ1.

3. With stepped type, the main models are: SR144TAKW SR144TAKZW SR144TAKZ1W.

4. Special appearance, the main models are: SR144TLLZ1W02; SR144TLKZW02 and so on.

 High-precision high-speed ceramic ball bearings manufactured by DKB for most dental/medical applications. These dental drill bearings are of very high quality and precision, with dimensional tolerances exceeding ABEC-7.

The material of dental drill bearing

The inner and outer rings of dental drill bearings are made of refined stainless steel (9CR18MO).

The sphere is made of refined stainless steel (AIS440C) or non-metallic superhard ceramic (SI3N4) material, which has good wear resistance;

The cage is made of polyimide material with high strength, low wear resistance and self-lubrication or 80-120 pieces of phenolic cloth bakelite material. Under the air pressure of 200-500KPA, the rotation speed of the bearing can reach 350000-450000rPM. Under normal conditions of use, the working life of the bearing is more than 6 months.

Reliable materials. Inner and outer rings made of AISI 440C stainless steel; ceramic balls (Si3N4) or stainless steel balls; Torlon (polyamide-imide)