22211 w33 spherical roller bearing for Rolling mill mine oil paper making and cement

Spherical roller bearings are commonly used in agricultural machinery such as combine harvesters, blowers, paper machines, textile machines, woodworking machinery, travel wheels and overhead crane drive shafts, as well as in many non-agricultural applications.

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    Spherical roller bearings are designed for applications where there is severe misalignment, either mounting or shaft runout, as well as relatively heavy radial loads and some axial loads in either direction.

    They are also extremely resistant to shock loads, and their self-aligning feature allows full-capacity loads with shaft deflection. Their purpose is very similar to double row self-aligning ball bearings, but spherical roller bearings are designed to carry heavier loads but are stronger at lower top speeds.


    StructureSpherical Roller Bearings
    TypeSpherical Roller Bearings
    Brand NameDKB
    Internal diameter55mm
    External diameter100mm
    Maximum Rotational Speed8500 rpm
    Static Load Capacity:32822 pounds
    Dynamic Load Capacity:31473 pounds
    Material:Chrome steel/GCr15/Stainless steel


    Two row roller bearing suitable for applications that support high radial and oscillating axial loads

    Two-piece pressed steel window-type cage has high wear resistance and spaces the rollers for even load distribution and prevents contact to reduce friction, vibration, and noise

    Flangeless inner ring with cage guide

    C3 radial clearance is larger than normal for applications where impact loads and vibration are severe, or thermal expansion is a factor. Bore with 1:12 taper compensates for flexing shafts and fits tapered shafts


    Bearing Numbers Boundary Dimenssion
    Basic Load Ratings(KN)Basic Speed
    Cylindrical BoreTapered BoredDBrminapproxCrCorApprox Speed
    Limit Speed
    22217 E22217 EK851503622.6628532540005600
    21317 E21317 EK18041235.232637538005300
    22317 E22317 EK1806037.6555062028003800
    22218 E22218 E901604023.432537538005300
    2321823218 CCK/W3316052.424.6535544028003800
    21318 E21318 EK1904336.13804503800400
    22318 E22318 EK1906439.0561069526003600
    22219 E22219 EK95170432.14.153804536004800
    21319 E21319 EK2004537.0542579034004500
    22319 E22319 EK20067310.567076526003400
    24020 CC/W3324020 CCK/W33100160501.53.1528541528004000
    23120 CC/W3323120 CCK/W331655224.5536549030004000
    24120 CC/W3324120 CCK/W331656525.6545564024003200
    22220 E22220 EK180462.14.942849034004500
    23220 CC/W3323220 CCK/W3318060.32.16.8547560024003400
    21320 E21320 EK2154738.842549034004500
    22320 E22320 EK21573313.581595024003000
    23022 CC/W3323022 CCK/W331101704523.831044034004300
    24022 CC/W3324022 CCK/W33170602541562024003600
    23122 CC/W3323122 CCK/W331805625.7543058528003600
    24122 CC/W3324122 CCK/W331806927.152075022003000
    22222 E22222 EK200532.1756064030004000
    23222 CC/W3323222 CCK/W3320069.82.19.8660078522003200
    22322 E22322 EK24080318.4950112020002800
    23024 CC/W3323024 CCK/W331201804624.235551032004000
    24024 CC/W3324024 CCK/W331806025.4543067024003400
    23124 CC/W3323124 CCK/W33200622851069526003400
    24124 CC/W3324124 CCK/W3320080210.365595019002600
    22224 E22224 EK215582.18.763076528003800
    23224 CC/W3323224 CCK/W33215762.11269593020002900
    22324 CC/W3322324 CCK/W3326086323965112020002600
    23026 CC/W3323026 CCK/W33130200522643061028003600
    24026 CC/W3324026 CCK/W332006928.0554081520003000
    23126 CC/W3323126 CCK/W332106428.856078024003200
    24126 CC/W3324126 CCK/W3321080211580100018003400
    22226 E22226 EK2306431173593026003600