low noise agitator/blender bearing 30305 taper roller bearing 30304

Tapered roller bearings can be separated, and the assembly consisting of the inner ring and the roller and cage, and the outer ring can be installed separately. Correcting the nip line where the rollers and track meet reduces stress concentrations.

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    Tapered roller bearings with case hardened parts. The outer ring, inner ring and rollers are made of "bearing grade" surfacing alloy steel for excellent wear life and reliability. Precise control of part heat treatment, dimensions and surface finish further increases bearing reliability.


    StructureTaper roller bearing
    Brand NameDKB
    Internal diameter73.025mm
    External diameter117.475mm
    Static Load Capacity194000
    Dynamic Load Capacity125000
    MaterialChrome steel/GCr15/Stainless steel
    Is customizedYes (Drawings required)
    Related accessoriesOil seal,Circlip and housings etc.


    Automobile axles, engineering machinery and construction machinery.

    Introduction : HL TRB Bearings,the outer and inner raceway and roller of the bearing are designed with convexity. At the same time, the rib structure is optimized to effectively reduce the friction between the bearing parts, improve the transmission efficiency, and make the bearing life and performance better.


    bearing codedDBCC0Pureference speedlimiting speedmass
    30302 J2154214,2522,4202,0813000180000,095
    30303 J2174715,2528,1252,7512000160000,13
    30304 J2/Q205216,2534,132,53,611000140000,17
    30305 J2256218,2544,6434,759000120000,26
    30306 J2/Q307220,7556,1566,47500100000,39
    30307 J2/Q358022,7572,173,58,3670090000,52
    30307 RJ2/Q358022,7572,173,58,3670090000,52
    30308 J2/Q409025,2585,89510,8600080000,72
    30309 J2/Q4510027,2510812014,3530070000,97
    30310 J2/Q5011029,2514314016,6530063001,25
    30311 J2/Q5512031,516616319,3480056001,55
    30312 J2/Q6013033,516819623,6400053001,95
    30313 J2/Q651403619422827,5360048002,40
    30313 RJ2651403619422827,5360048002,40
    30314 J2/Q701503822026031340045002,90
    30315 J2/Q751604024629034320043003,45
    30316 J28017042,527032038300043004,10
    30317 J28518044,530336540,5280040004,85
    30318 J29019046,533040044260040005,65
    30320 J210021551,540249053240032008,05
    30322 J211024054,5473585622200280011,0
    30324 J212026059,556171073,52000260014,0
    30326 J213028063,75627800831800240017,0
    30332 J21603407591311801141500200029,0
    30352 J2260540113212030502508501200110