3.175*6.35*2.38mm handpiece bearing high speed 400000RPM R144 SR144 dental implant bearing

Merits and faults : Excellent material properties; Perfect machining accuracy; Repeatable Disinfection and use; High product cost ; It is the most high-end product on the market.

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Product nameBearing for dental handpieces and implants
Accuracy gradeP4
Product material
Outer circlestainless steel 440C
Inner circlestainless steel 440C
retainerGermany PTFE ( Teflon )
BallGermany Ceramic ball(Si3N4)
Main performance parameters
External diameter6.35mm
Bore size3.175mm
Rotation rate350000-400000/ minute
Utility time> 45000 minute(Continuous idle test time)
Use environmentAcid and alkali resistance; Washable ; High temperature disinfection