6205 High Temperature ball Bearing 25x52x15 Ball Bearings

High temperature bearing is a kind of bearing that can withstand high temperature, which can continuously and stably ensure the excellent mechanical performance of the bearing in high temperature environment.

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    High temperature bearings can be divided into two types in terms of structure and technology: 1. Ordinary structure high temperature bearings 2. Special structure high temperature bearings

    Surface Roughness : Ra 0.05

    Material :High Temperature Bearing Steels

    Structure: Full Ball; Coatings: Phosphating

    Item : 6205 High Temperature Ball Bearing

    Type : Deep Groove Ball Bearing

    Cage :  Full Complement (no cage)

    Dimensions : 25mm x 52mm x 15mm

    Features of High Temperature ball bearing

    1. Features of High Temperature ball bearing

    2. Cost-effective, the quality is dozens of times higher than ordinary bearings.

    3. It has won the trust of customers with its long service life.

    4. High temperature bearings are widely used in furnaces, glass, blast furnaces, painting, and other machinery under high temperature operations. Or aviation jet engines, gas turbines, nuclear reaction propulsion systems, high-speed aircraft, rockets, etc.