8mm linear ball bearing slide lm8uu linear bearing

Metal linear bearing is a linear motion system produced at low cost for use with a cylindrical shaft with an infinite stroke. Since the bearing ball is in point contact with the shaft, the load is small. The steel ball rotates with very little frictional resistance, so that high-precision and smooth motion can be obtained.

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    Linear Bearing Applications

    Electronic equipment, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, machinery, instruments, robots, tool machinery, CNC machine tools, automobiles and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment and other precision equipment or special machinery industries.


    Linear bearing LM8UU

    Material:Chrome Steel

    Inside Diameter: 8mm

    Outside Diameter: 15mm

    length: 24mm

    Net weight: 14g

    Precision Rating:P0 P6 P2 P5 P4

    Application in electronic equipment or more.

    Free samples can be supplied.


    Part NumberdDLBWCircuitsCCoWeight(g)
    LM 8 UU8152417.51.14274116
    LM 10 UU101929221.34385630
    LM 12 UU122130231.34426132
    LM 13 UU132332231.34527943
    LM 16 UU16283726.51.657912069
    LM 20 UU20324230.51.658814087
    LM 25 UU254059411.856100160220
    LM 30 UU30456444.51.856160280250
    LM 40 UU40608060.52.16220410585
    LM 50 UU5080100742.663908101580
    LM 60 UU6090110853.15648010202000