Stainless Steel AXK3047 Series Flat Thrust Needle Roller Bearing

Thrust roller bearings are used to support the axial load and radial combined load of the main shaft, but the radial load should not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearings, this bearing has a lower coefficient of friction and higher rotational speed and alignment performance.

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    1. These needle roller thrust bearings provide high rigidity with minimal axial play. It has a smaller cross section than standard thrust bearings used in confined spaces.

    2. Due to the small diameter deviation of a set of inner rollers, these bearings can withstand large axial loads and peak loads.

    3. AXK thrust bearings can be combined with AS series washers in applications where adjacent components cannot be used as raceways.

    4. Made of hardened spring steel, the washer is polished on both sides and can be used as a raceway.

    5. Bearings are used in a wide range of applications, from agricultural machinery to transportation equipment, robots, elevators, rolling mills, ship rudder shafts and aggregate crushers, etc.


    Structurethrust needle roller bearing
    Typeneedle roller bearing
    Brand NameDKB
    Internal diameter30mm
    External diameter47mm
    Dynamic Load Capacity (Cr)11.2kN
    Static Load Capacity (Cor)35.5kN
    Maximum Rotational Speed (Oil)11000rpm
    MaterialChrome steel/GCr15/Stainless steel/ceramic
    Sealing typeYou can choose Metal seal Or Rubber seal
    Is customizedYes (Drawings required)
    Related accessoriesOil seal,Circlip and housings etc.


    Needle roller bearings are roller bearings with cylindrical rollers. Relative to their diameter, the rollers are thin and long. This type of roller is called a needle roller. Despite the small cross-section, the bearing still has a large load-carrying capacity. Needle roller bearings are equipped with slender rollers (roller diameter D≤5mm, L/D≥2.5, L is the length of the roller), so the radial structure is compact, the inner diameter and the load capacity rating are the same as other types of bearings, the outer smallest diameter. Particularly suitable for support structures with limited radial installation dimensions.


    ModelDimensions(mm)Baic Load Rating(N)Limitting Speed(RPM)Weight
    AXK 11321602005154000107000033013000.246
    AXK 11301501905149000102000035014000.232
    AXK 1128140180514500096000038015000.219
    AXK 1126130170514000090000040016000.205
    AXK 112412015549900065000043017000.131
    AXK 112211014549350059000048019000.122
    AXK 112010013549050055000050020000.112
    AXK 11189012047100039000060023000.086
    AXK 11178511045750029100060024000.0668
    AXK 11168010545650027900065026000.063
    AXK 11157510045500026600070027000.061
    AXK 1114709545350025300075029000.06
    AXK 1113659034650025400075030000.04
    AXK 1112608534450023400080032000.039
    AXK 1111557833800018600090035000.0308
    AXK 11105070331500143000100039000.0235
    AXK 11094565329800128000110043000.0205
    AXK 11084060327400110000120047000.0185
    AXK 1107355221780081500140055000.001
    AXK 1106304721630069500150060000.008
    AXK 1105254221460058000180070000.007
    AXK 1104203521320046500210085000.005
    AXK 11031730211900395002500100000.004
    AXK 11021528211300360002800110000.0035
    AXK 1101122629850289003300130000.003
    AXK 1100102429150253003500140000.0028