CK-B1042 Freewheels One Way Clutch Bearing CKB1042 10*42*23mm

CK-B series is a wedge type one-way clutch with key grooves on both ends of the outer ring without bearing support. Radial dimensions are the same as standard bearing dimensions. When used, it needs to be installed with bearings to bear axial load and radial load. Grease has been added at the factory.

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    The standard installation method is that the model is coaxial with the bearing side by side, and the same tolerance requirements are required. The inner ring and the shaft are connected by keys. The outer ring has a dimensional tolerance of h7 and is matched with the machine wall with a tolerance of H7. The end face keys on both sides of the outer ring are used to fix the outer ring and the machine wall to transmit torque.

    This series is often used in packaging, printing, food, textile, chemical and other machinery and equipment.


    Model Number CKB1042
    Seals TypeOpen;ZZ;2RSl
    Cage MaterialSteel Cage
    PrecisionP0, P6, P5, P4,P2 or as requested
    MaterialChrome Steel
    Quality standardISO9001:2000/ SGS


    One way bearings can be used in gearboxes, instrumentation, motors, household appliances, internal combustion engines, transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, roller skates, yo-yo, etc.


    ModelRated torqueExceeding the limit speedDimension〔mm〕Optional bearingWeight〔kg〕
    〔N·m〕〔r/min〕D Outer diameterd Inner diameterGB/T276-1994
    dDDBbw× twdCbn×tn
    CK-B10425415005004223 8×1.510243×1.463020.12
    CK-B15425415005004223 8×1.515243×1.463020.17
    CK-B17477215005004723 8×1.517243×1.463030.21
    CK-B20529512004505223 8×1.520244×1.863040.25
    CK-B256214512004506223 8×1.525244×1.863050.35
    CK-B306216610004006223 8×1.530244×1.862060.32
    CK-B357223210004007223 8×1.535245×2.362070.43
    CK-B408038810004008031 12×3.540326×2.862080.71
    CK-B45854628003008531 12×3.545326×2.862090.77
    CK-B50905048003009031 12×3.5503210×3.362100.83
    CK-B5510060070025010031 12×3.5553210×3.362111.02
    CK-B6011068060020011031 12×3.5603210×3.362121.26
    CK-B70125122060020012538 12×3.5703912×3.362141.94
    CK-B80140158050015014038 12×3.5803912×3.362162.39
    CK-B90160208050015016038 12×3.5903912×3.362183.17
    CK-B40905048003009032 12×3.540336×2.863080.92