CKZD2288 One Way Clutch Bearing

CKZ-D series is composed of CKZ-A type wedge type one-way clutch and an oil reservoir, only the inner ring is designed with one-way function. Lubricating oil is already included in the factory.

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    The inner ring is connected to the shaft by a key and can be installed in a horizontal position.

    Application example for preventing reverse rotation or continuous high-speed operation of the inner ring.


    Type CKZD2288 series sprag type frewheels is consist of CKZ-A series clutches and oil reservoir, only the inner race is designed for overrunning. Units are delivered standard lubrivater with oil.

    The inner race is keyed to the Shaft. And ready for istalling in a horizontals position.

    These clutches are suit for backstop or inner race continous and high-speed overunning applications.


    [N m][r / min]d [H7]D [h7]ABCFEn - MHb x t
    CKZ-D19771851960197711560636653.54 - M6135 x22
    CKZ-D22883171820228812267707353.54 - M8165 x 23
    CKZ-D3210895316803210815486899266.54 - M8167 x 35.5
    CKZ-D501361847147050136165929512071.56 - M81612 x 3.59.5
    CKZ-D70180346010507018020712412716081.56 - M102018 x 621
    CKZ-D85200559098085200280150153175128.58 - M142524 x 640.3
    CKZ-D11025010300910110250298.51551582201428 - M162528 x 750.6
    CKZ-D13530014400840135300314.516016526515210 - M163235 x 977.6