Female Threaded Type PHS Type Rod Ends

High rigidity with excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. An appropriate amount of lubricant can be supplied to the sliding surfaces by means of a lubricator mounted on the holder.

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    Holder:S35C(chromale treatment)
    Spherical Inner ring:SUJ2,58 HRC or higher
    (Hard chrome plated except for the
    inner surface of the inner ring)
    Bush:copper alloy
    Fitting with the Shaft
    ConditionDimensional tolerance of the shaft
    Normal Loadh7
    Indeterminate loadp6


    Model No.Outer DimensionsThreaded S1Holder Dimensions
    Length LDiameter DWidth B1WD1D2B
    PHS 535168M5x0.899116
    PHS 639189M6X11110136.75
    PHS 8472212M8X1.251412.5169
    PHS 10562614M10X1.517151910.5
    PHS 12653016M12X1.751917.52212
    PHS 14743419M14X222202513.5
    PHS 16833821M16X222222715
    PHS 18924223M18X1.527253116.5
    PHS 201004625M20X1.53027.53418
    PHS 221095028M22X1.532303720
    PHS 251246031M24X23633.54222
    PHS 301457037M30X241405025