FND442M Clutch Bearings One Way Clutch Bearing

Applicable Industries: Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Printing Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Other
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    ItemFND442M FND442Z
    Bore dia.20 mm
    Outer dia.46 mm
    Width (B)34 mm
    Torque capacity208 N.m
    Overrunning limiting speed (inner race)1500 r/min
    Weight0.28 kg
    PackageCarton box or as your requirements



    DesignationdDWTnomnmaxCdyn.Cstat.WeightbtItem no.
    FND 437 M1541341761,7008,9628,6610.2452.3300737
    FND 437 Z1541341611,7008,9628,6610.2452.3300738
    FND 442 M2046342231,50010,24710,7080.2862.8300743
    FND 442 Z2046342081,50010,24710,7080.2862.8300744
    FND 453 M2558343431,20011,41713,5770.4683.3300751
    FND 453 Z2558343141,20011,41713,5770.4683.3300752
    FND 459 M3064344111,10012,69116,3200.5583.3300758
    FND 459 Z3064343811,10012,69116,3200.5583.3300760
    FND 463 M3568344621,10013,07017,0630.6103.3306528
    FND 463 Z3568344281,10013,07017,0630.6103.3306529
    FND 470 M4075345501,00014,05019,8400.69123.3300765
    FND 470 Z4075345091,00014,05019,8400.69123.3300766
    FND 473 M4578345881,00014,12819,8960.73143.8306532
    FND 473 Z4578345431,00014,12819,8960.73143.8306533