Freewheels Backstop One Way Clutch Bearing FXM 51-25 FXM51-25 FXM51

The FXM one-piece flywheel is equipped with an overrunning clutch. occur. Low speed During flywheel operation, centrifugal force F C causes the damper to lift off the outer ring. In this operating state, the flywheel is wear-free, ie has an infinite service life.

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    The figure shows a flywheel with the takeoff X in the flywheel state. The slider is supported in a cage connected to the inner ring and rotates together with the inner ring. The centrifugal force F C exerted on the flange center of gravity S causes the flange to rotate counterclockwise and press against the support ring of the cage. This results in a space a between the skate and the outer ring; the flywheel works without contact. If the speed of the inner ring drops to the point where the centrifugal force acts on the slinger less than the spring force F F, the slinger will stop on the outer ring again and the flywheel is ready to lock. If used as an overrunning clutch, the drive speed should not exceed 40% of the starting speed.


    ItemFXM Series
    Bore dia.20-320 mm
    Outer dia.: 85-630 mm
    Width (L):25-220 mm
    Load capacity:110-20500 N.m
    Weight: 0.8-440 kg


    The maximum transmissible torque is 2 times the specified nominal torque.

    The theoretical nominal torque applies only for ideal concentricity between the inner and outer ring. In practice, the concentricity is affected by the bearing play and centering errors of the neigh bouring parts.

    Then the nominal torques specified in the table apply, whilst taking into consideration the existing run out (T.I.R.).Higher speeds upon request.


    FXM 31 -1720*20*1725854155M631241701562160,8
    FXM 38-172525*1725904862M638241751562160,9
    FXM 46 252530*2535955670M646351821562161,3
    FXM 51-2525303536*25351056275M651351901562161,7
    FXM56 -253540*25351106660M 656351961562181,8
    FXM61 -1930354045*19271207485M 8612511051562161,8
    FXM 66 -2555404548*25351328290M 8663511151582382,8
    FXM 76 -45455560*253514092100M 8763511251582383,1
    FXM 86 -25454550606570*2540150102110M 8864011321582384,2
    FXM 101- 25557080*2550175117125M 101015011552082886,9
    FXM 85 -4045506065654050175102125M 10856011552082887,4
    FXM 100- 4045505560707580*4050190130140M 10100601.5165251035128,8
    FXM 120-5060657075809595*5060210150160M 10120701.51852510351212,7
    FXM 140-506590100110110*5070245170180M 121407022182512351219,8
    FXM 170-63708590100120130*6380290200210M 161708022562812381233,0
    FXM 200-63130155*6380310210240M 162008022783212421232,0