Maintenance-Free GE70ES spherical bearings rod ends

Single-slot outer ring radial spherical plain bearing, the inner and outer rings are made of bearing steel, quenched. Phosphating. The sliding surface has wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Self-aligning features. It can be lubricated through the lubricating oil grooves and oil holes of the inner and outer rings. It is suitable for mechanical mechanisms that bear radial heavy loads and any direction.

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    Maintenance-free (lubrication-free) spherical plain bearings are used in steel-on-steel applications where long maintenance-free (ie lubricated) bearing life is required or operating conditions such as insufficient (or lack of lubrication) lubrication are required. Due to their construction, they are virtually frictionless and operate without maintenance.


    Bearing NumberDimensions(mm)Load Ratingsα°Weight (Kg)
    dDBCd1 minDynamic CStatic Co
    GE 4 E412536210160.0033
    GE 5 E5146473.417130.0035
    GE 6 E6146483.417130.004
    GE 7 E81685105.527150.007
    GE 8 E101996138.1540.5120.011
    GE 10 ES12221071510.854110.016
    GE 12 ES152612918178580.025
    GE 15 ESGE 15 ES-2RS173014102021.2106100.041
    GE 17 ESGE 17 ES-2RS20351612243014690.061
    GE 20 ESGE 20 ES-2RS25422016294824070.11
    GE 25 ESGE 25 ES-2RS30472218346231060.14
    GE 30 ESGE 30 ES-2RS35552520398040060.22
    GE 40 ESGE 40 ES-2RS406228224510050070.3
    GE 45 ESGE 45 ES-2RS456832255012764070.4
    GE 50 ESGE 50 ES-2RS507535285515678060.54
    GE 60 ESGE 60 ES-2RS6090443666245122061
    GE 70 ESGE 70 ES-2RS70105494077315156061.5
    GE 80 ESGE 80 ES-2RS80120554588400200062.2
    GE 90 ESGE 90 ES-2RS90130605098490245052.7
    GE 100 ESGE 100 ES-2RS1001507055109610305074.3
    GE 110 ESGE 110 ES-2RS1101607055120655325064.7
    GE 120 ESGE 120 ES-2RS1201808570130950475068
    GE 140 ESGE 140 ES-2RS140210907015010805400711
    GE 160 ESGE 160 ES-2RS1602301058017013706800814.01
    GE 180 ESGE 180 ES-2RS1802601058019215307650618.65
    GE 200 ESGE 200 ES-2RS200290130100212212010600728
    GE 220 ESGE 220 ES-2RS220320135100238232011600835.51
    GE 240 ESGE 240 ES-2RS240340140100265255012700839.91
    GE 260 ESGE 260 ES-2RS260370150110285305015300751.54