LMF LUU metric long round flanged ball bushing

The LMFL 25 UU linear motion bearing provides high precision and rigidity, the linear motion bearing is made of a solid steel outer cylinder. In addition, the linear motion bearing uses an industrial strength resin retainer. LMFL 25 UU Linear Motion Bearings are easy to assemble Standard types of linear motion bearings Kinematic bearings can be loaded from any direction.

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    High precision linear bearings For best performance use LMF 25 UU with 25mm hardened and ground shaft

    Component features

    Linear bearing included with delivery (pre mounted)

    Built in rubber seal

    Flange for easy mounting


    Part NumberdDLDfDptXYZCircuitsCCoWeight(g)
    LMFL 8 UU81545322453.56.53.1443178451
    LMFL 10 UU101955402964.584.14588110098
    LMFL 12 UU122157423264.584.148131570110
    LMFL 13 UU132361433364.584.148131570130
    LMFL 16 UU162870483864.584.1512302350190
    LMFL 20 UU203280544385.59.55.1514002740260
    LMFL 25 UU2540112625185.59.55.1615603140540
    LMFL 30 UU30451237460106.6116.1624905490680
    LMFL 40 UU40601519678139148.16343080401570
    LMFL 50 UU508019211698139148.166080159003600
    LMFL 60 UU6090209134112181117.511.167550200004500