LMK metric square flanged ball bushing with UU seals

Metal linear bearing is a linear motion system produced at low cost for use with a cylindrical shaft with an infinite stroke. Since the bearing ball is in point contact with the shaft, the load is small. The steel ball rotates with very little frictional resistance, so that high-precision and smooth motion can be obtained.

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    Part NumberdDLKDptXYZCircuitsCCoWeight(g)
    LMK 8 UU81524252453.56.53.1427439237
    LMK 10 UU101929302964.584.1437254972
    LMK 12 UU122130323264.584.1451078476
    LMK 13 UU132332343364.584.1451078488
    LMK 16 UU162837373864.584.157741180120
    LMK 20 UU203242424385.59.55.158821370180
    LMK 25 UU254059505185.59.55.169801570340
    LMK 30 UU3045645860106.6116.1615702740470
    LMK 40 UU4060807578139148.16216040201060
    LMK 50 UU50801009298139148.16382079402200
    LMK 60 UU6090110106112181117.511.164700100003000