Minature deep groove ball bearing MR 148ZZ

Grease lubricates bearings, and different greases have different density and temperature resistance limits
Bearing steel Z2 grade we generally use Great Wall Hangu grease
Z3/Z4 grades use synergistic oils imported from Japan

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    MR148ZZ miniature bearing is made of high-hardness bearing steel GCr15, with a hardness value of HRC60~65, low-noise grease, double-sided metal dust cover, and the manufacturing materials of miniature bearings have passed the EU SGS test directive on ROHS; L-1480ZZ bearing inner diameter is 8mm The outer diameter is 14mm, the height is 4mm and 3.5mm, the accuracy level is above P0, the speed can reach 10,000 rpm, the noise is low, the service life is long, and the quality is stable. It is suitable for transmission products such as motors and electronic accessories.


    Model No.DimensionLoad Rating(KN)Limited Speed(rpm)
    MR 148ZZ81440.150.8190.3863800045000
    MR 128ZZ8123.50.10.5060.2494100049000
    Material; Chrome Steel Gcr15
    Harness: 60-65 HRC
    good toughness, good wear resistance, low noise, high speed use