Low Noise Needle Roller Bearing 96540 95920 14 column roller bearing caster special bearing

Needle roller bearings are widely used in automotive components such as rocker arm pivots, pumps, compressors and transmissions. The driveshaft of a rear-wheel-drive vehicle usually has at least eight needle bearings (four per U-joint), usually more if it is particularly long or runs on steep grades.

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    Needle roller bearings are a special type of roller bearing that use slender cylindrical rollers similar to needle rollers. Regular roller bearings have rollers that are only slightly longer than their diameter, but needle roller bearings typically have at least four times their diameter. Like all bearings, they are used to reduce friction on rotating surfaces.

    Compared with ball bearings and ordinary roller bearings, needle roller bearings have a larger surface area in contact with the raceways, so they can carry larger loads. They are also thinner, with less clearance between the shaft and the surrounding structure.


    Bore Size15 - 100 mm
    Brand NameDKB or OEM or other brand
    Outside Diameter 22 - 120 mm
    Model NumberNeedle roller bearing 96540 95920
    Precision RatingP0 P6 P5
    Seals TypeOpen sealed
    Number of RowSingle Row
    MaterialChrome steel


    1. Stronger service life, higher accuracy and lower noise

    2. The overall quality of bearing products is high, avoiding the trouble of re-disassembly and maintenance of bearings, and the comprehensive price ratio is higher.

    3. Low friction, less noise, higher limit speed and not easy to get hot. Bearings have high load resistance and are suitable for high requirements.

    4. a wide range of uses.

    5. Uniform load distribution, high efficiency product characteristics.