Double cage freewheeling clutch cams structure one way clutch bearing CL42243

PB series one-way clutch, NSS series block and star wheel overrunning clutch, TSS, AS, TFS, NF series overrunning clutch, NFR series, DC series, BWC BW.X series block-type overrunning clutch, RSBW series One-way overrunning clutch, HF, HFL drawn cup roller clutch. RBDN electric drum backstop

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    1.CL42081) ID=49,47mm OD=68,52mm W=32mm

    2.CL42082) ID=72,23mm OD=91,22mm W=32mm

    3.CL42084.) ID=107,66mm OD=133,18mm W=33mm

    4.CL42243) ID=119.67mm OD=151,35mm W=64 mm

    5.CL42244) ID=158,32mm OD=190,00mm W=61mm.

    Cage Freewheels CL for assembly with inner and outer ring with sprags, available in three types


    NameFP432 clutch bearing
    Materialbearing steel (Gcr15)


    1, excellent corrosion resistance

    2, washable

    3, can run on liquid: Due to the materials used, we can run the bearings and bearing in the liquid.

    4, if the speed and the load is low, there is no need for lubrication.

    5 Health: stainless steel natural clean, non-corrosive.

    6, high heat resistance: can run at a higher temperature range of 180 ° F to 1000 ° F.


    DesignationdDWTnomnmaxCdyn.CstatWeightItem no.
    FP 422 M1026276010,1006,0134,3800.07300655
    FP 422 Z1026275310,1006,0134,3800.07300656
    FP 427 M153127947,4007,6796,3970.08300663
    FP 427 Z153127847,4007,6796,3970.08300664
    FP 432 M2036271335,9008,1047,2410.1300669
    FP 432 Z2036271215,9008,1047,2410.1300670
    FP 437 M2541271764,8009,2018,1420.12300673
    FP 437 Z2541271604,8009,2018,1420.12300674
    FP 442 M3046272234,20010,24710,7080.14300679
    FP 442 Z3046272084,20010,24710,7080.14300680
    FP 448 M3553272864,30011,64213,4400.19306522
    FP 448 Z3553272624,30011,64213,4400.19306523
    FP 453 M4058273433,40011,41713,5770.21300683
    FP 453 Z4058273143,40011,41713,5770.21300684
    FP 463 M5068274612.913.0717.0630.25300685
    FP 463 Z5068274282.913.0717.0630.25300687
    FP 473 M6078275882,50014,12819,8960.3300691
    FP 473 Z6078275432,50014,12819,8960.3300693