Pillow Block Bearing Ucfa 206 for Agricultural Machinery

This type of bearing housing has a cylindrical outer perimeter hence the bearing outer bore is spherical. The entire unit allows free movement in the axial direction and is self -aligning.

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    Different types of bearing housings

    1)Pillow blocks - these include UCP, HCP, UCLP, UKP, UCPX, and UKPX. 

    These mounted bearings are used when support for a rotating shaft axis is required. Their design enables them to support the shaft in operations where the mounting surface is parallel to the shaft axis. 

    2)Flange type- includes UCF, HCF, UKF, UCFX, UKFX, UCFU, UCFC, UKFC, UCFS, UCFL, UKFL, UCFT. 

    The flange type bearing housing comes in various shapes and styles such as square, round, and rhombus flange types. 

    3)Take-up units type - UCT, HCT, and UKT. 

    These bearing housings have an inner surface which is concave sphered hence the bearing used has a convex sphered outer surface. They are designed to permit moderate initial misplacement. Widely used in conveyor chains and conveyor belts. A sliding slot at the side of the housing facilitates the free movement of the unit. 

    4)Cartridge type - UCC, HCC, and UKC.

     This type can be used as free side bearings for long shafts because they are capable of accommodating shaft expansion or contraction due to temperature differences. Also suitable where there is adjustment of the axial direction is required. 

    5)Light duty types  SAFD, SBFD, SAFW, SBFW, SALF, and SBLF. 


    Unit Numberdae g SbZfCBnBolt Size mmBearing Number NumberHousingMass kg
    UCFA201 12 9878151225.5106033.340503112.7M8UC201FA2010.46
    UCFA207351 55128191634159644.4668242.917.5M12UC207FA2071.33
    UCFA210501891 552218401711654.6769451.619M14UC210FA2102.12
    UCFA212 60 2402022920481914068.710011865.125.4M16UC212FA2123.76