Pillow Block bearing UCFL

Flanged housing units of the series UCFL2 (cast iron) consist of the housing bearing made of cast iron FL2 (2-hole) and the already installed bearing insert UC2.

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    Available with:

    Set screw or eccentric locking collar.

    Corrosion resistant housing and bearing options include Cast iron, Stainless Steel, Thermoplastic, and Nickel plating.

    B-type seals or L3 triple lip seals available for extra sealing needs.

    Wide inner race bearing

    Available with high temperature bearings.


    TypeShaft in mmDimensions in mmWeight(Kg)
    UCFL 2011211390151225.51233.33112.7M100.49
    UCFL 2021511390151225.51233.33112.7M100.49
    UCFL 2031711390151225.51233.33112.7M100.49
    UCFL 2042011390151225.51233.33112.7M100.49
    UCFL 20525130991614271635.73414.3M140.63
    UCFL 206301481171814311640.238.115.9M140.94
    UCFL 207351611301916341644.442.917.5M141.2
    UCFL 208401751442116361651.249.219M141.6
    UCFL 209451881482218381952.249.219M161.9
    UCFL 210501971572218401954.651.619M162.2
    UCFL 211552241842520431958.455.622.2M163.2
    UCFL 212602502022920482368.765.125.4M204.1
    UCFL 213652582103024502369.765.125.4M205.1
    UCFL 214702652163124542375.474.630.2M205.9
    UCFL 215752752253522572379.577.833.3M206.4
    UCFL 216802902333523592584.382.633.3M227.9
    UCFL 217853052483626632587.685.734.1M229.6
    UCFL 218903202654026682596.39639.7M2212.1