Pillow Block Bearing UCP

The pillow block housing with integrated lubrication nipple is a robust gray cast iron housing for the installation of a bearing insert. The housing can be mounted on flat surfaces via 2 oblong holes. Misalignments of the shaft can be compensated to a certain extent by the spherical bearing seat.

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    The UCP bearing is a high-precision component product composed of grease-sealed deep groove ball bearing and bearing housing of various shapes. The bearing assembly can be directly installed on the main body of the mechanical device through several bolts, has the self-aligning function, can supplement the grease, etc. It is a product that is very easy to install and use.

    ucp bearing

    Plummer block bearings of the series UCP2 (cast iron) consist of the housing bearing made of cast iron P2 and the already installed bearing insert UC2. The pillow block is suitable for mounting on flat surfaces and high radial load capacities. The housing is made of cast iron and therefore inexpensive and robust. The bearing insert has an extended inner ring with grub screws for mounting the inner ring on a shaft. Static misalignments can be compensated up to an angle of 2°.

    The pillow block bearing is mounted on the shaft with two grub screws


    TypeShaft in mmDimensions in mmWeight(Kg)
    UCP 2011230.21279538191315623112.7M100.63
    UCP 2021530.21279538191315623112.7M100.63
    UCP 2031730.21279538191315623112.7M100.63
    UCP 2042033.31279538191315653112.7M100.65
    UCP 2052536.514010538191316703414.3M100.79
    UCP 2063042.9165121482117188338.115.9M141.3
    UCP 2073547.6167127482117199442.917.5M141.6
    UCP 2084049.21841375421171910049.219M142
    UCP 20945541901465421172010849.219M142.2
    UCP 2105057.22061596025202211451.619M162.8
    UCP 2115563.52191716025202212655.622.2M163.4
    UCP 2126069.82411847025202513865.125.4M164.8
    UCP 2136576.22652037029252715065.125.4M205.7
    UCP 2147079.42662107231252715674.630.2M207
    UCP 2157582.62752177431252816377.833.3M207.6
    UCP 2168088.92922327831253017582.633.3M209
    UCP 2178595.23102478331253218785.734.1M2011.5
    UCP 21890101.6327262883327342009639.7M2214.3