China SA PK Series Rod End Bearing Manufacturers

NOS SA PK Series Rod End Bearing
1)Rod ends with right or left thread;
2)Bearings are firmly seated and located in the housing;
3)Bearing housing has not oil-spile;
4)Outer ring of PTFE, sliding surface of PTFE-composite material;
5)inner ring of carbon chromium steel, spherical surface;
6)Zinc plated or Cr plated or black oxide.

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    Bearing Numberd N7d1B 0~0.12α° (≈)C1 +/-0.3d2G 6Hh1L4L3 minkgf-cmLoad ratings StaticWeight (g)
    SA 3 PK36.806114.512M3 X 0.52733150.2~3.51706
    SA 4 PK47.607125.2514M4 X 0.73037170.2~3.525010
    SA 5 PK57.70812616M5 X 0.83341200.2~3.580012
    SA 6 PK69.009106.7518M6 X 13645220.2~3.588019
    SA 8 PK810.401212922M8 X 1.254253250.2~3.5120032
    SA 10 PK1012.90141210.526M10 X 1.54861290.2~3.5170054
    SA 12 PK1215.4016121230M 12 X 1.755469330.2~3.5240085
    SA 14 PK1416.90191413.534M 14 X26077360.2~3.52700126
    SA 16 PK1619.4021131538M 16 X 26685400.2~3.53400185
    SA 18 PK1821.9023141742M 18 X1.57293440.2~3.54700258
    SA 20 PK2024.4025121846M 20X1.578101470.2~3.54900340