SA T/K Self-lubricating rod end bearings male

• C45, zinc plated, yellow/clear or white-blue passivated.
• GCr15, equivalent 52100 steel, RC 56 min., hard chromate plated.
-Outer race Lined with bronze liner and PTFE.
-For left-hand thread, please add surffix “L”,e.g.SAL18T/K.

If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us.


    Bearing NumberDImensionsLoad Ratings KNWeight (g)
    dBdkC1 maxd2 maxG 6HhL1 minL2 maxR1s minα° (≈)DynamicStatic
    SA 5 T/K58.0011.11618M5 X0.83319420.3135.760.013
    SA 6 T/K69.0012.76.7520M6 X1.03621460.3137.27.650.02
    SA 8 T/K812.0015.875924M8 X1.254225540.31411.612.90.038
    SA 10 T/K1014.0019.0510.528M10 X1.54828620.31314.5180.055
    SA 12 T/K1216.0022.2251232M12 X1.755432700.31317240.85
    SA 14 T/K1419.0025.413.536M14 X2.06036780.31624310.14
    SA 16 T/K1621.0028.5751542M16 X2.06637870.31528.5390.21
    SA 18 T/K1823.0031.7516.544M18 X1.57241940.31542.547.50.29
    SA 20 T/K2025.0034.9251850M20 X1.578451030.31442.5570.38
    SA 22 T/K2228.0038.12054M22 X1.584481110.31557680.48
    SA 25 T/K2531.0042.852260M24 X294551240.31568850.64
    SA 28 T/K283547.62466M27 X2103621360.315861070.8
    SA 30 T/K303750.82570M30 X2110661450.317881141.1
    SA 35 T/K354357.12881M36 X214085180.50.3161.64
    SA 40 T/K404966.63391M42 X215090195.51.0172.4
    SA 50 T/K506082.545117M48 X2185105243.51.0124.8