SB203 2RS Crowned Outer Insert Bearing with Set Screw 17x40x12mm

The bearing insert SB203-2RS can be easily attached to the shaft with the grub screws or inserted in a housing. It is suitable for high radial loads. Main dimensions according to DIN 626-1.

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    SB203 2RS Spherical or Crowned Insert Ball Bearing with Set Screw, pre-lubricated with Grease


    with extended inner ring and grub screws for fixing the inner ring on a shaft

    suitable for mounting in a housing bearing

    suitable for high loads

    seal: contact lip seal on both sides made of rubber (2RS) for high sealing effect

    If you need this bearing in RS design with only one seal and one open side, you can simply remove one of the two seals: to the instructions


    TypeShaft in mmDImensions in mmWeight (Kg)
    SB 201-2RS121240226164.5M5X0.80.1
    SB 202-2RS151240226164.5M5X0.80.1
    SB 203-2RS171240226164.5M5X0.80.1
    SB 204-2RS201447257184.53.9M6X1.00.15
    SB 205-2RS251552277.519.55.53.9M6X1.00.18
    SB 206-2RS301662308225.55M6X1.00.27
    SB 207-2RS351772328.523.56.55.5M8X1.00.42
    SB 208-2RS4018803492576M8X1.00.6
    SB 209-2RS45198541.29.531.78.26.3M8X1.00.8
    SB 210-2RS50209041.61031.69.26.5M8X1.00.83
    SB 211-2RS552310045.311.833.59.87.2M8X1.01.1
    SB 212-2RS602411053.714.938.89.88M10X1.251.3