SFR144TA SFR144TAZ ( flange) high speed mini bearings

Acid and alkali resistance; Washable ; High temperature disinfection

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    Product name : SFR144TA SFR144TAZ ( flange) For MINI NSK Handpieces

    Accuracy grade :P4

    Product material: 

    Outer circle : stainless steel 440C

    Inner circle : stainless steel 440C

    Retainer :   Germany  PTFE  (  Teflon  )

    Spherome : Germany Ceramic ball


    Flange:                  7.52mm
    Flange thickness0.571mm
    External diameter6.35 mm
    Bore size3.175mm
    Rotation rate: 350000-400000/ minute
    Utility time : > 45000 minute  (Continuous idle test time)