Sprag Type Overrunning Clutch Unidirectional Bearing BB40

 The BB, BB-1K and BB-2K clutches are supported by bearings and provided with grease for dust protection against particles 0.25mm and larger, while the BB-2GD and BB-2GD-1K clutches are smaller than BB-2GD and BB-2GD-1K clutches are 5mm wide standard BB series, they have special lip seals to effectively keep out any dust.

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    1. BB series cam clutches are designed for press fit installation.

    2. The inner ring of the BB-1K-K and BB-2GD 1K-K series has a keyway. Keyways other than size 25 conform to DIN 6885.3, BB40-1K-K and BB40-2GD 1K-K conform to DIN 6885.1.

    3. The inner and outer rings of the BB-2K-K series have keyways. "-K" indicates the key shipped with the cam clutch.

    4. Correct interference dimensions must be maintained on the shaft and housing for maximum bearing and clutch performance.

    5. The arrow on the inner ring indicates the locking direction of the inner ring.

    6. To install the clutch, use an appropriate diameter pressure tool to apply even pressure over the entire inner and outer race faces.

    7. Do not hammer or otherwise shock the clutch.

    8. Make sure the housing is strong enough to withstand the pressure required for press fit clutch installation.

    9. Operating temperature range: -30°C to +100°C (please consult us for temperatures beyond this range).


    TYPETorqueSpeedfriction torque〈Mm)ABC0rweight(g) load
    dDBB BB-1K-K BB-2K-KBB-2GD) B-20D 1K-KBB 3-1K-h 8-2K-BB-20D 8B-20D16-BB BB-IK-K BB-2K-KBB-2GD B-2D1-BB 3B- BB-2K-K18- 8-201-C NC0 N