SQD.. SQZ..RS auto parts ball joint bearing rod end bearings

Ball Joint housing is an axial shank with the female thread, it is made up of zinc base alloy, stretching rod with right or left-hand thread. The shank of ball joint housing may be left-hand thread, for left-hand thread, suffix is added to bearing number and thread sign as SQZL5-RS, M5L-6H, the bearing without seal is written as SQZ…

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    SQD series ball joint rod end Specification

    1. Sliding contact surface: Steel VS Zinc based alloy steel

    2.Materials: Thread stud is made of carbon steel, housing is made of Zinc based alloy steel

    3. Treatment: Stud is black oxide coated or Zinc plated

    4.Features of structure: The unit consists of a housing race and a thread stud

    5. Properties: Self-alignment, easy installation

    6. Application: Automatic control components etc.


    Bearing Numberdd1d2L1 minL2L3 maxL maxS1CDR1s minα° (≈)Load Ratings Static KNWeight(g)
    SQD55M5 X 0.89881927.576160.32520.014
    SQD66M6 X 1.010118.823.533.586.75180.3253.20.021
    SQD88M8 X 1.25121211.628.641109220.3255.70.042
    SQD1010M10 X 1.25141514.234.2491110.5260.3259.20.067
    SQD10-110M10 X 1.5142114.240.2551110.5260.3259.20.067
    SQD1212M12 X 1.25171715.138.155.11512300.525140.108
    SQD12-112M12 X 1.75172415.145.162.11512300.525140.108
    SQD1414M14 X 1.5192216.851.370.71713.5340.520190.167
    SQD14-114M 14 X 2192816.857.376.71713.5340.520190.167
    SQD1616M 16 X 1.522231854.576.31915380.520260.238
    SQD16-116M 16 X 222291860.582.31915380.520260.238
    Bearing Numberdd1d2 mind3 maxl1 minI2S1L maxL1L2 maxL3 maxD1 maxD2 maxS2 α°Loading RateWeight (kg)
    SQZ 5-RS5M5 X 0.8920811746244129119152.80.025
    SQZ 6-RS6M6 X 1.010201112.2855.228515101311153.70.041
    SQZ 8-RS8M8 X 1.251224121610653251612.51614155.80.075
    SQZ 10-RS10M10 X 1.2514301519.51174.5356.518151917158.40.12
    SQZ 10-RS10M12 X 1.514302119.51180.5356.518151917158.40.12
    SQZ 12-RS12M12 X 1.25173217211584406.52017.5221915110.18
    SQZ 12-RS12M12 X 1.75173224211591406.52017.5221915110.18
    SQZ 14-RS14M14 X 1.519382223.5171034582520252211150.27
    SQZ 14-RS14M14 X 219382823.5171094582520252211150.27
    SQZ 16-RS16M16 X 1.522442325.5191125082722272211150.36
    SQZ 16-RS16M16 X 222442925.5191185082722272211150.36
    SQZ 18-RS18M18 X 1.52345253120130.558103225312711190.54
    SQZ 20-RS20M20 X 1.5275025292413363103827.534307.5190.57
    SQZ 22-RS22M22 X 1.527522633241457012433037327.5230.76