25mm bore SUC205 Stainless Steel Insert Ball Bearing suitable for high loads

Two-piece sealing system: with washer made of stainless steel reinforced rubber seal inside; outside additionally with upstream slinger made of stainless steel for high mechanical protection against foreign matter

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    SUC205 Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Inserts have a combination of ordinary and unique characteristics of a bearing. The SUC205 Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Inserts have low noise and vibrations, lower friction torque and have a high speed running with a special usage function, and a high precision rotation. The SUC200 Series Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Inserts have a wide range of applications that involve: Functions in low and high temperature environments, Functions in corrosion medium meaning in maritime climate, sea water, river water, distilled water, and sparse nitric acid, It is acid proof and alkali proof.


    1. with extended inner ring and grub screws for fixing the inner ring on a shaft
    2. suitable for mounting in a housing bearing
    3. smooth running and good behavior with tilting due to the extended inner ring
    4. all components are made of stainless steel: the radial insert ball bearing is therefore corrosion resistant and hygienic
    5. lubricated for life; under normal operating conditions relubrication is not required
    6. the spherical outer surface of the outer ring can compensate misalignment if it is installed in a corresponding housing


    TypeShaft (mm)Dimensions in mmWeight(Kg)
    SSUC 2011247311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.21
    SSUC 2021547311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.19
    SSUC 2031747311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.18
    SSUC 2042047311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.16
    SSUC 2052552341714.319.75.5M6X1.00.2
    SSUC 2063062381915.922.26M6X1.00.32
    SSUC 2073572422017.525.46.5M8X1.00.46
    SSUC 208408049211930.28M8X1.00.62
    SSUC 209458549221930.28M8X1.00.68
    SSUC 210509051.6241932.69M10X1.250.8
    SSUC 2115510055.62522.233.49M10X1.251.11
    SSUC 2126011065.12725.439.710.5M10X1.251.54
    SSUC 2136512065.12825.439.712M12X1.51.86
    SSUC 2147012574.63030.244.412M12X1.52.05
    SSUC 2157513077.83233.344.512M12X1.52.21
    SSUC 2168014082.63333.349.314M12X1.52.79
    SSUC 2178515085.73534.151.614M12X1.53.45
    SSUC 21890160963739.756.314M12X1.54.35