UC205-16 Insert Ball Bearing Set Screw UC205-100D1

Material: Chrome steel SAE-52100
Lubrication: Chevron SRI-2 Grease
Sizes: ID 30mm X OD 62mm X W 38mm

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    UC205-16 Insert Set Screw Ball Bearing with Lubricating Groove Access, Sealed and pre-lubricated, Spherical Outer to Insert in Housing

    Match#: UC205-16, GC1100KRRB, UC205-100D1, UC205-16S, 1025-1G, UC205-16, GY1100KRRB, YAR205-100-2F, INS-SC-100, VS-216, YW250x1, UG216N, MB251-PA

    Sizes: ID 30mm x OD 62mm x W 38mm

    UC205-16 Insert Bearing has a set screw locking and is held in position on the shaft by two set screws which are directly on the extended end of the inner ring. UC205-16 Insert Bearing is self-aligning for standard load capacity. This specific arrangement is suitable for application as where the direction of rotation is alternative.

    UC206 Insert Set Screw Ball Bearing


    TypeShaft (mm)Dimensions in mmWeight(Kg)
    UC 2011247311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.21
    UC 2021547311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.19
    UC 2031747311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.18
    UC 2042047311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.16
    UC 2052552341714.319.75.5M6X1.00.2
    UC 2063062381915.922.26M6X1.00.32
    UC 2073572422017.525.46.5M8X1.00.46
    UC 208408049211930.28M8X1.00.62
    UC 209458549221930.28M8X1.00.68
    UC 210509051.6241932.69M10X1.250.8
    UC 2115510055.62522.233.49M10X1.251.11
    UC 2126011065.12725.439.710.5M10X1.251.54
    UC 2136512065.12825.439.712M12X1.51.86
    UC 2147012574.63030.244.412M12X1.52.05
    UC 2157513077.83233.344.512M12X1.52.21
    UC 2168014082.63333.349.314M12X1.52.79
    UC 2178515085.73534.151.614M12X1.53.45
    UC 21890160963739.756.314M12X1.54.35