UC206 Insert Ball Bearing with Set Screw 30x62x38

Material: Chrome steel SAE-52100
Lubrication: Chevron SRI-2 Grease
Sizes: ID 30mm X OD 62mm X W 38mm

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    UC206 Insert Set Screw Ball Bearing with Lubricating Groove Access, Sealed and pre-lubricated, Spherical Outer to Insert in Housing

    Sizes: ID 30mm x OD 62mm x W 38mm

    UC206 Insert Set Screw Ball Bearing


    with extended inner ring and grub screws for fixing the inner ring on a shaft

    suitable for mounting in a housing bearing

    suitable for high loads

    smooth running and good behavior with tilting due to the extended inner ring

    the spherical outer surface of the outer ring can compensate for misalignment if it is installed in a corresponding housing

    two-piece sealing system: with sheet steel washer reinforced rubber seal inside; outside additionally with upstream slinger made of sheet steel for high mechanical protection against foreign matter

    lubricated for life; under normal operating conditions relubrication is not required


    TypeShaft (mm)Dimensions in mmWeight(Kg)
    UC 2011247311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.21
    UC 2021547311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.19
    UC 2031747311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.18
    UC 2042047311712.718.34.8M6X1.00.16
    UC 2052552341714.319.75.5M6X1.00.2
    UC 2063062381915.922.26M6X1.00.32
    UC 2073572422017.525.46.5M8X1.00.46
    UC 208408049211930.28M8X1.00.62
    UC 209458549221930.28M8X1.00.68
    UC 210509051.6241932.69M10X1.250.8
    UC 2115510055.62522.233.49M10X1.251.11
    UC 2126011065.12725.439.710.5M10X1.251.54
    UC 2136512065.12825.439.712M12X1.51.86
    UC 2147012574.63030.244.412M12X1.52.05
    UC 2157513077.83233.344.512M12X1.52.21
    UC 2168014082.63333.349.314M12X1.52.79
    UC 2178515085.73534.151.614M12X1.53.45
    UC 21890160963739.756.314M12X1.54.35