China DKB gearbox Zlyj 173/146/200/225/250/330/420 Series Reducer Screw Pvc Rubber Plastic Extruder Machine Gearbox

ZLYJ series reducer is a gear transmission device with high precision hard tooth surface and thrust pack designed for plastic and rubber screw extruders. Its characteristic is that the gear and shaft parts are made of high-strength alloy steel. The gears are processed by carburizing, quenching and grinding.

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    The gear accuracy is GBI0095-88, grade 6. The thickness of the gear is HRC54~62. A large-sized thrust bearing is arranged at the front end of the hollow output shaft to bear the axial thrust when the screw is working. The whole machine has the characteristics of small size, high bearing capacity, balanced transmission, low noise and high efficiency.


    Warranty1 year
    Applicable IndustriesManufacturing Plant, Machinery repair shops, Farms
    Output Torquetop to 370000Nm
    Gearing ArrangementHelical
    Input Speed560/750/1000/1500/3000 rpm
    Output Speed10-600 rpm
    ColorBlue/As your request
    Brand NameDKB
    MaterialCast Iron
    Mounting PositionHorizontal(foot Mounted)
    TypeZLYJ series plastic extruder gearbox