ZSYF 200 Series Gearbox for Calender

The reducer should pass through strict test running inspection before they are delivered. Only all index are in according to the requirement, can they be put into use directly. Before application, it should be filled with the mid-extreme pressure oil N220 or N150 up to the upper limit of the oil mark.

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    ZSYF Series special gearboxes for calender are special ones matched with building block style calender. They have features as follows:

    1. The behavior coefficient has been considered for the bearing ability of reducers listed in below table, therefore they can be selected directly.

    2.This serial reducer is suitable for driving multi-roller. When selecting,you should indicate combined style and quantity of reducers you used.

    3.In case connection sizes, driving ratio,speed of input shaft or combined style of reducer are different with those in the figures and the table,please contact with our company.

    Assembling,Application and Maintenance

    1.When lifting the reducer,the ring screw should be used.

    2.Take care to prevent moisture when the reducer is in transportation or storage. If do not assemble in half a year after it is arrived, the exposure sureface should be coated with antirust oil.

    3.The base to assemble the reducer should be plain with enough strength and rigidity. All anchor bolts should be added with spring washers. The assembling error of the coupler should do not excess its allowed tolerance.

    4.For the reducer with motor oil pump,before adding load, it should switch on the oil pump of the motor first to run the reducer under no-load for a short period of time so as to facilitate full lubrication of all lubricant points.

    ModelNormal Driving Ratio ISpeed of input shaft r/minInput Power kwOutput TorqueN.m