ZSYJ Series electric motor reduction gearbox for Extruder Machine

1. Housing: Cast Iron or Steel Plate Welding
2. Gear Set: Hardened Helical Gear Pairs, Carburizing, Quenching, Grinding, Gear Hardness HRC54-62
3. Input Configurations:Keyed Solid Shaft Input
4. Output Configurations:Hollow Shaft Output 

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    1. High strength alloy steel gears and shafts, sturdy and wearable

    2. Hollow output shaft integrated with strong thrust bearings to withstand axial force of the screw

    3. Large load capacity, superior performance for screw extruders applications

    4. High efficiency, high reliability, long service life, low noise

    5. Optional international brands of bearings and oil seals (Taiwan NAK Oil Seals)


    Allowed Output Torque (N.m)
    Normaly Reliable656676431273217427213922649733616421805730076400105050
    Highly Reliable53346112101861385517115210962699533745458406366787605
    Allowed Axial Thrust of Output Shaft ( KN )
    Axial Thrust180192250287350390430540756830880
    Note: The selection use of ZSYJ series can be referred to that of ZLYJ series